Our company, Planer Engineering Cooling Air Condition Installation and Construction Industry and Trade Limited Co., was established as a merger in 2002, by Erteknik Soğutma (est. 1997) and Plan Mühendislik (est. 1997). 

Our company Mission is to produce highly efficient, sustainable and innovative products and solutions to meet the cooling needs of commercial, industrial and process cooling, air conditioning, automotive, plastics, and energy sectors. 

Our company Vision is to become a much sought-after company with our products and solutions in our business segment in the national and international market. 

Supported by advanced technology, our engineering and manufacturing ability presents a wide spectrum for both standard products and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) special products. 

Our primary products are finned piped heat exchangers, air-cooled industrial and commercial condensers, condenser units, evaporators, shock freezers, water-glycolic coolers, dry and evaporative coolers, water cooler groups for comfort and process, cooler groups with natural cooler system, oil coolers and heat recovery batteries. Our products are CE certified and meet the safety standards of health, safety, and environment and consumer protection. 

Our products are also GOST certified, which is required for trade and export to Russian Federation. Throughout the whole company processes, quality assurance system is used and we have ISO 9001:2008 certificate. 

As an organization our company is an active member of the Air conditioner and Cooler Manufacturers Association (ISKID) and Cooler Industry Businessmen Association Sanayii (SOSIAD). 

Planer Mühendislik focuses on innovative approaches in all its organizational processes; with its research and development activities, produces highly efficient, green, sustainable, and innovative products and solutions for the customers.


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